November December 13 
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No this is not a radio station…in fact I promise to give a prize to anyone who can guess what it stands for. For that matter, maybe you could enlighten me on what CREATE stands for or AMPLITUDE, or maybe PITS or PLAY.

What's there about NGOS (there goes another one) that makes them want to use acronyms? It seems that before an NGO decides on a name it goes through a list of words that they think represent their work. Gone are the days when you knew what an NGO did simply by its name. I mean, there was Women's centre, Lawyers collective, and even Majlis is fine. But what does one do with "PAW (People against War)". I have no objections to this one- even though paw isn't exactly a word I love…pawing isn't exactly healthy, but in the interests of peace I'll let that pass.

Actually, organizations go to great lengths to ensure that they get a WORD first and then fit the letters in the word (World Order for Rural Development) to describe the organization!. There was a case once of an organization deciding on the word and while fitting the adjectives, they decided to change the aims of the organization!

Okay guys, let's get serious and not get into the UN trap of UNIFEM and UNDP and UNMe simply because UNI think it's easier to pronounce.

This suggestion is FM2U.

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